Riser Management Team:

Edge Electrical Systems Riser Management Team aims for excellence in maintaining your riser cabling system and riser closets in adherence to industry standards and local building codes. Some of the services we will provide for your riser needs are as follows:

Edge Electrical Systems Riser team will become an extension of your in-house management & maintenance team. We will coordinate all riser and cabling extensions with the tenants and cable service providers to allow the building team to concentrate on core business. Our riser team will complete all extensions on time and in a professional & cost-effective manner.

Structured Cabling Team:

Edge Electrical Systems Structured Cabling team will work to provide installation, service and maintenances of your Low Voltage needs. Systems include but not limited to network cabling, cable television, wireless access points, intercom and sound. Our team of highly trained dependable & professional staff will work tirelessly to outperform your expectations while protecting your assets and minimizing risk and disruption to services.

Services provided:

Edge Electrical Systems has only your best interest in mind regarding your most precious asset and will strive to work closely with the construction team to increase performance, keep essential cabling functions, and performing at its highest levels.